Neon Cat
Иногда я полагаюсь на судьбу, но никогда на случай.
My gay roommate is totally overdoing it with Gaga and Keisha. Every morning I wake up to: "Wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy... blah blah blah" - tiK tOk and shit. Or Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah Roma Roma-magagagaga seriously how many times can we listen to that song? And he always wakes up before I do. And he talks to his 094823483248 boyfriends on the phone discussing how they should try new things in bed and shit. Nice guy, and everything but seriously... I'm becoming gayer just by living here haha Kat ur dream is not coming truuuuue no way, I'm still on the V side.
Put in my posting preferences for BC. What now bitchez?! O_o Comox here I come. AND the state of Washington. Seattle :) cuz we taking over... and from there we can visit Megan in Colorado and Jenna in Chicago. Epic US trip is being planned out :)
Had the joy of morning inspections all last week. No more thankfully. CFSATE just likes to fuck with us. Got my hair cut, first in 6 weeks, no more Elvis hair dauuuum. Made hairdresser laugh again. Mr. Beaduin killed me with the fuel nozzle demo, during which I fell asleep last week while holding component, lol good timez 0908. lvl 62 Col. in MW2 2nd Prestige I can smell it. Drove Rusty to see Brit omfg awkddddd, was with Mel. Fuck you, bitch, here you go :))) I though I heard them banging in the shacks when I came back sunday morning, lol but she was just getting her stuff. Drove all the way from the base to HWY10 behind her, we waved lol. Snowboarding all saturday, my muscles hate me. We were there 11 - 9? Lindz of course had to injure herself so we walked 3400M to the parking lot = ruck march. Ashley is cool, I guess not all Veh Techs are dumb like EME. Drinking with EME sat, watching movies with Lindz :) totally did not come back to my room, since J decided to bring somebody.... (pukes in the bucket) so I stayed outta the fuck of my room.

KKTM msged me to explain her behavior, apologized for treating me like crap. Tell me why girls always do that? When you send them to hell and fuck off, they are there, but when you tell them that you want to hang out you get shut down? And after you feel like its already wasted because the flames are out. And igniters are not always serviceable IAW CFTO's...

Wifey, maybe you should call me more often so I know you;re not dead, you know? And don't even say you were embarrassed, because you have no shame woman! (:

Listening to Miley Sirus techno remix, can't wait to see you again. Drinking fuse and eating chunks ahoy. Rock bottom ;)))

Gotta go study :)

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