Neon Cat
Иногда я полагаюсь на судьбу, но никогда на случай.
- I was gonna ask you to come over but I changed my mind.

- ...

- I've been screwed over by too many guys and I really don't need to add you to the list

- Don't say things like that without knowing the person. And Bianca, I won't screw you over. That is not even on my mind. I told you yesterday.

- Well that's not what Ayesha told me

- Because I asked her to hang out with me? Don't be ridiculous. It's you that I want.

- Okay

- I can tell it to you looking straight in your eyes Bianca.

- OK.
- I just don't know Ivan, shelton really hurt me and I just don't know if I wanna do this.

- I won't let anything hurt you. And I will do everything for it to work out. have some faith, Bianca. When you'll get to know me better, you'll see why I am asking you to give it a try. And how much I want it to work out. Like I said. Like adults: without bullshit that both of us probably had to deal with in the past. I don't want bs anymore, I'm sure you don't want either. Look at my facebook status. Listen to it. I don't want you to go through any shit anymore.

Я все сказал. Не могу ничего больше сказать ей чтобы она поняла. I am good enough for you. I know I am.

@музыка: Технарь гонит прочь всю дурь

@настроение: Не знаю. Скажи да.