Neon Cat
Иногда я полагаюсь на судьбу, но никогда на случай.
Got a letter from my Squadron, really good to hear that I've been Welcomed :) of course it's on of those generic letters, but at least they have aknowledged me coming. Really looking forward to future career opportunities, and hopefully going to UNI through military in 3 years! See ya there :P

Safety systems test wednesday and thats it for this week! Next week - 4 day week. Fucking love our time off :) driving Lindz and Kat to Airport on Wed., then maybe going to Guelph to see Juliana, spend the day with her.
Armament next, oh how I'm not looking for those 3 hard tests, but hey at least thats gonna be it after that! BC :))) currently looking for a mate to drive with me, so dear EKat you might want to give me a call, since you're so busy?
Come over on the weekend! With Nikita)

Наташа радует смсками)
Позвонил деду и Свете с Юрой в воскресенье.
В БК давно не был)
Денег нет)
У меня опять появился инет!
О прям в рифму.
К Зорьке заеду пипец мажорка)
Эдди в четверг в хали улетает. Мне его сестра звонила ради лола. Мдя, подрасти сначала 8)))
Надо димона пригласить на ужин.
Яна бесит.
Моника не бесит) Blind Side was awesome (;
Кандагар понравился, аж слезы выступили.

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